The world's first
autonomous dental
robot & solution.

A game-changer in the dental industry.


The future of dental industry

DentistRobot is a hardware and software solution which aims to eliminate human inaccuracies and to shorten the timeframe of unpleasant operations by introducing robot technology to the dental industry.

How it works

Reducing the time of dental operations by 90%

The DentistRobot simplifies the dental process with automatization, robotization and parallelizing the work phases. At first, a CT or an oral scan is required about the patient's teeth. After an automatic software reconstruction, a 3D model is restored about the patient's current state. The doctor designs the reshaped form of the teeth and sends this model to the dental technician - skipping the phases of the initial reshaping, imprinting, model reconstruction, and digitalization. The technicians will then design and manufacture the final prosthesis with the ceramic finishing. The patient has to visit the doctor only once: on that occasion, the doctor inserts and binds the robot into the patient's mouth, it does the reshaping procedure that was planned preliminary and the patient receives the final prosthesis immediately.

Demonstration of DentistRobot

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